How To Earn Free HBAR Every Day With Yamgo Boost

Get ready to Boost your HBARs with Yamgo


Free daily HBAR rewards with Yamgo Boost

What’s better than free rewards? Yamgo Boost is a program that allows you to claim a free random HBAR reward every day based on the amount of HBAR in your account and the amount of Prestige you’ve earned.

The more you use Yamgo, the more prestige and HBAR you’ll earn and ultimately the bigger your daily rewards from Yamgo Boost will be.


What Does Yamgo Boost do?

Yamgo Bost allows you to grow your account with regular rewards, for free. The rewards provided by Yamgo Boost are based on your Prestige Rank and your Level.. The higher your level and the greater your prestige rank, the more rewards and benefits you earn. 

How Do I participate in Yamgo Boost?

Your account will automatically be enrolled in the Yamgo Boost program when the amount of Hbar in the Hedera account associated with your Yamgo Account, and your prestige level, surpasses the minimum threshold to participate. This currently requires 100 HBARs in your account to reach Level 1 and Bronze prestige. When you qualify for Boost simply log in to your account and you’ll be able to claim a free, random reward every day. 


Why is Yamgo giving away HBARs?

Yamgo wants to reward our community for all of their effort and participation in the Yamgo platform. Yamgo has a goal to help people quickly and easily onboard into the world of crypto and explore the possibilities of money like crypto assets

It doesn’t cost anything to participate in Yamgo Boost, so what are you waiting for? Level Up, Earn your prestige and start getting free rewards. 


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