Big Changes are coming as Yamgo prepares to move out of beta

Better offers, a better and fairer Boost system, better referrals and even more ways to earn Hbar

It’s been just over 4 months since we launched the beta version of Yamgo and so far over 125,000 people have joined the platform and earned their first HBAR rewards. 


The goal of Yamgo is to reward users across the globe for their time, data and attention in their online activities. We are aiming to build an ecosystem where people can benefit from the money that their favourite brands invest in marketing while having the choice of how much private data they want to share. 


From the moment Yamgo launched we have been studying anonymous user data and speaking directly to Yamgo users to better understand what people are enjoying about the platform, and what they might dislike about the Yamgo beta. It’s clear that many people are thoroughly enjoying using Yamgo and earning rewards, but we’re working on some changes to make Yamgo even better.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing a host of changes to some of the features of Yamgo to help people get more enjoyment from Yamgo and earn even more rewards 


A better, more reliable offers experience

It’s fair to say that while people have been enjoying offers and earning lots of rewards there have been difficulties with offers. Browsing through individual providers is time-consuming and there have been some providers who have let us down with offers that don’t pay rewards properly, leading to frustration for Yamgo and our users. So we’re changing it up.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing a new offers experience with a unified interface, better offers, bigger brands, more curated offers, more ways to earn and even some offers that are exclusive to Yamgo.


An improved Boost and Prestige system

The aim of Yamgo Boost is and has always been to reward the people who contribute the most to helping the Yamgo platform. From completing offers to generating referrals and sharing Yamgo on social media, our goal is to reward the people who are helping to build and empower the Yamgo community. Many people currently enjoy Yamgo Boost but there are even more people who want to join in, so it’s time for a change. The new Boost and Prestige system will see lower requirements to join and earn your first boost. The number of Boost levels is being adjusted from 20 to 30 and Prestige will become a significantly more important factor when your random Boost reward is generated. Unfortunately for a small number of people, this change means that they will earn less HBAR than they do currently, but this change is necessary. The updated and improved Boost is fairer for all and will allow more people than ever to claim daily boosts. It also means that the most active users of Yamgo will enjoy more rewards. 


Referrals with bigger rewards

The more people who use Yamgo the better it becomes and we believe that anybody who helps Yamgo to grow should be rewarded. This is why the referral system exists. The unfortunate reality is that since the launch of Yamgo there has been a large number of spammers and fake users trying to game the system and claim rewards from sign-up and referral fraud. While Yamgo has an evolving fraud prevention system that blocks the majority of fake sign up attempts before users can even register an account some more sophisticated spammers managed to create some fake accounts. Our initial response was to continuously monitor and block these accounts, removing them from the system while reducing the rewards and incentives for these bad actors to commit sign-up fraud, however, this also meant fewer rewards for honest, legitimate users of the platform. 


We’re changing the referral system and removing the bonus when somebody you refer signs up. Instead, we will increase the rewards for other and more meaningful actions inside Yamgo, so real Yamgo users who refer friends that truly engage with the Yamgo app will make more significant rewards while spammers who manage to get past the roadblocks will get nothing. 


More Rewards and more ways for you to earn

We’re not stopping there. Yamgo will be introducing several new features over the coming months including more Hedera account management tools, new ways to earn, collectable items and more. 


So get ready for a bigger, better Yamgo with more rewards than ever before. 

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Yamgo leverages AdsDax Platform to create thriving Hbar ecosystem

Two years after launching on Hedera’s Mainnet, Yamgo Ltd is bringing live use cases for distributed ledger technology to the mass market.

Yamgo Ltd, the burgeoning technology company behind the AdsDax Advertising and Yamgo Rewards platform, has unveiled more details around their growth as they celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the launch of Hedera Hashgraph’s Mainnet.

With a mission to prove the product > market fit, Yamgo Ltd has led the charge in demonstrating how both enterprise B2B and B2C use cases can be commercially successful by utilising blockchain/DLT technology. During this time the UK-based firm has grown to become one of the primary contributors to Hedera’s network, executing over1.28 billion transactions and crypto payments (over 75% of the network’s total usage) and creating over 110,000 new Hedera Users (over 25%) of the total Hedera Audience as well as setting a blockchain industry record by reaching 1372 transactions per second for a sustained period (over 68x more than the theoretical maximum throughput of Ethereum).


Discussing their success, Yamgo CEO Ian Mullins commented, “ In the two years since we initially moved AdsDax to the mainnet on launch day, Hedera Hashgraph has run solidly and has never let us down. With ultra-low transaction fees, a world-class governing council, rock-solid infrastructure and consistent update and release cycle, Hedera Hashgraph has proven itself as a technology partner that can be relied upon to run enterprise business cases at scale with bank-grade security. With AdsDax we have been able to build a successful advertising network that can deliver massive throughput with all events tracked and audited on Ledger. Through Yamgo we have built a growing and successful consumer platform that has seen over 100,000 people sign up and receive their first HBAR in order to onboard the world of cryptocurrency.”


Yamgo began their journey on Hedera Hashgraph with the launch of their AdsDax Advertising Platform. A Self-Service Ad Network that allows ad agencies and businesses to create mobile advertising campaigns that are delivered to users across AdsDax’s network of publishers. After executing over 10 million crypto payments on Hedera within the first four weeks it was clear that AdsDax was showcasing itself as a high-throughput use case within the blockchain/DLT industry driving a volume of transactions that most Blockchain/DLT networks would never be able to handle in real-time and proving Hedera Hashgraphs claims of being able to handle over 10,000 transactions per second. 


Discussing the success Yamgo’s products have seen since launching on Hedera, Yamgo CPO  Ryan Davies said, “When we started building products on Hashgraph we were excited by the idea of an incipient technology that was brimming with the potential to transform multiple industries, making them more efficient, interoperable and more secure. Two years later, we’re no longer seeing Hashgraph and the wider blockchain/DLT space as nascent technology, instead, through the work of Yamgo and other bleeding edge projects from the highly innovative companies and developers running on Hedera, we are seeing that potential realised. Together we have proven beyond doubt that it is possible to build mass-market businesses with decentralised elements. From payments and tracking to retail, fraud management, compliance, healthcare, asset management, identity and tokenization, Hedera is becoming the trust layer of the internet.”


In 2021 Yamgo Ltd. announced the beta-release of their Yamgo rewards platform, a brand new product that leverages Hedera’s native cryptocurrency (HBAR) to reward consumers in real-time for their online actions with HBAR. Although still in Beta and not available worldwide the platform has reached over 110,000 users, bringing new entrants to the Hedera and cryptocurrency space.


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Yamgo announces former Wowcher CTO Jason Green as New Board Member

New hire adds a wealth of tech and reward platform experience as Yamgo growth continues.

Yamgo, a new rewards platform that leverages blockchain and DLT to reward users with money-like crypto assets, has announced the appointment of Jason Green as a Non-Executive Board Member for Yamgo.


Jason will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that will play a key role in the strategic growth of Yamgo


Having played a huge role in the growth of several startups and SMEs, Jason Green will bring over 20 years of experience in major product development, tech and rewards products to help Yamgo grow further.


Discussing the new appointment Yamgo CEO Ian Mullins commented “We are pleased to have Jason join our board. Jason will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that will play a key role in the strategic growth of Yamgo. With previous experience in the engineering, development, rewards and a passion for crypto, Jason will be an invaluable expert as Yamgo continues to acquire more users and unveils new product lines.”


Currently the CEO & Co-Founder of HolidayFox, Jason has spent most of his career working as CTO across hyper-growth platform businesses including Dawanda, Brainly, Wowcher & Living Social and Wimdu. With extensive past experience in the growth of rewards & voucher platforms like Excalibur, the largest daily deals group in the UK, online marketplaces and data platforms, Jason will provide Yamgo with a unique perspective on growth strategy, engineering and product vision. 


“It’s an exciting time in the growth of Yamgo” said Jason Green. “Yamgo has a culture that fosters innovation and promotes the creation of game-changing products that always put the user first. My efforts will focus on helping Yamgo develop the service and product lines in order to emphatically drive growth and adoption of the platform”


With over 50,000 users already registered and earning crypto-assets using Yamgo, the platform is currently experiencing tremendous growth and is looking to capitalise on the opportunity to expand further.

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Yamgo opens up crypto-rewards platform to more countries and regions

Yamgo is already being used by over 50,000 people who are looking to earn cryptocurrency.


Yamgo, is a new rewards platform that allows people to earn “money-like crypto assets” such as Hedera HBAR in exchange for their online actions.  From completing offers, to shopping, playing games to downloading apps, filling out surveys or watching videos, Yamgo rewards people for a variety of digital actions, allowing newcomers to acquire money-like crypto-assets and existing HBAR holders to dramatically increase their assets.


Expanding the service

It is unfortunate but due to the unique legal, regulatory and other policy based issues around money-like crypto assets the Yamgo platform was only made available in a small subset of countries around the world. The Yamgo team has been working around the clock in an effort to quickly expand availability of Yamgo to as many countries and regions as possible.

Today Yamgo is happy to announce that people in a number of new countries and regions are now able to register for Yamgo with immediate effect. The new locations are:


  • Aland Islands
  • Armenia
  • Australia
  • Brunei
  • Georgia
  • Guernsey
  • Indonesia
  • Ireland
  • Isle of Man
  • Israel
  • Jersey
  • Malaysia
  • Mauritius
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • Seychelles
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Svalbard
  • Thailand


The Yamgo team is continuing to work and review different locations where Yamgo can be released, for more information follow Yamgo on social media or you see the Yamgo Help Centre for the latest updates

Yamgo is simple to use and completely free. Just visit, complete the sign-up process and you’ll start earning rewards immediately. It’s that easy! Yamgo even rewards you with HBAR just for signing up!

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5 Reasons why Cryptocurrencies could be the future of money

Cryptocurrencies are virtual or digital currencies that are protected by Cryptography, a technology that makes it seemingly impossible to double-spend. Being decentralised networks, most of the cryptocurrencies are powered by blockchain technology, a distributed ledger that’s capable of storing information in a safe, verifiable, permanent, and decentralised manner. 

The launch of the Bitcoin network and the crypto assets that followed has proven to be a significant milestone in the development of various blockchain-based protocols. Albeit beneficial, these blockchain (or crypto) protocols have become the topic of numerous debates, some lasting for years. 

With most of the crypto asset networks designed to solve a few of the problems facing traditional financial institutions, they have become the perfect financial tool for carrying out bulk and single transactions. While there is some scepticism from those in favour of traditional banks, cryptocurrencies have proven to be the future of not just the financial industry but our day-to-day life. 


1. Global Remittance through cryptocurrencies 

According to 2017 World Bank data, over $500 billion was sent from high-income countries to middle and low-income countries. 

With most of these funds being sent through Banks and payment gateways, more than 30% of the entire amount transferred is lost in fees to these payment processing platforms. This has become one of the biggest challenges that people have faced when trying to transfer money across borders.  

The rise of Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology and Cryptocurrencies has provided the opportunity for people to transfer money across borders without paying exorbitant fees. One example of this is Hedera Hashgraph, an enterprise grade public ledger with its own cryptocurrency – HBAR. Using a Hedera Hashgraph Wallet people can transfer large amounts of money for fractions of a penny ($0.0001 USD). Hedera Hashgraph also operates at a fixed price, so regardless of whether you want to send a single dollar or a million dollars the fee will always be a fraction of a penny.

As well as having high fees (making it too expensive to transfer small amounts of money) Banks and Payment Gateways often take a percentage of the total amount sent; To send a million dollars using a bank would cost you $10,000, using Hashgraph this would cost $0.0001.

In addition to enabling cheap payments regardless of location, all transactions on Hedera Hashgraph are completed in less than 5 seconds, with the network capable of processing over 10,000 transactions per second.


The Logo of Hedera Hashgraph cryptocurrency in white on a black background

Hedera Hashgraph enables users to send money across borders for fractions of a penny


2. Transparency

Digital assets (cryptocurrencies) are built on blockchain technology, which is a distributed ledger that’s capable of storing information in a permanent, secure, and verifiable manner. This underlying technology as a distributed ledger stores all of the transaction information carried out on each of the crypto networks. 

Information stored on these blockchains is immutable. It cannot be altered or modified by anyone, therefore reducing fraud, double-spending, and manipulation of any sort. 


3. Financial Inclusion & Accessibility 

Entry into the traditional banking, exchange and financial system can be difficult, particularly in developing nations where ID checks, verification and a lack of funds to open a bank account are all massive barriers that prevent people (and also small businesses) from entering the financial system. Crypto assets as the future of the world do not have an entry barrier. They are open to everyone with access to the internet. 


4. Reward Systems 

The speed and low cost of transferring some Cryptocurrencies mean that business models around “nano-payments” and “pico-payments” are now viable. This has enabled businesses to change how they interact with and transfer value to consumers. The launch of the Yamgo network has revolutionised the way that people can earn value through digital assets. 

Yamgo allows you to earn money-like crypto assets for things you already do, like viewing adverts, playing games, taking surveys, online shopping, downloading apps, etc. Online advertisers, for years, have benefited greatly from the data of users. Yamgo wants to level the playing field by giving users more control over their data and rewarding the usage of such data. 


5. Global Adoption 

With reporting an increase in users from 51 to over 74 million in the space of 12 months, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, have become globally accepted, making them ideal payment options for products and services rendered. 

As these cryptocurrencies begin to experience a significant rise in adoption globally, more merchants would begin to accept these crypto-assets as payment for products and services. 

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How To Earn Free HBAR Every Day With Yamgo Boost

Get ready to Boost your HBARs with Yamgo


Free daily HBAR rewards with Yamgo Boost

What’s better than free rewards? Yamgo Boost is a program that allows you to claim a free random HBAR reward every day based on the amount of HBAR in your account and the amount of Prestige you’ve earned.

The more you use Yamgo, the more prestige and HBAR you’ll earn and ultimately the bigger your daily rewards from Yamgo Boost will be.


What Does Yamgo Boost do?

Yamgo Bost allows you to grow your account with regular rewards, for free. The rewards provided by Yamgo Boost are based on your Prestige Rank and your Level.. The higher your level and the greater your prestige rank, the more rewards and benefits you earn. 

How Do I participate in Yamgo Boost?

Your account will automatically be enrolled in the Yamgo Boost program when the amount of Hbar in the Hedera account associated with your Yamgo Account, and your prestige level, surpasses the minimum threshold to participate. This currently requires 100 HBARs in your account to reach Level 1 and Bronze prestige. When you qualify for Boost simply log in to your account and you’ll be able to claim a free, random reward every day. 


Why is Yamgo giving away HBARs?

Yamgo wants to reward our community for all of their effort and participation in the Yamgo platform. Yamgo has a goal to help people quickly and easily onboard into the world of crypto and explore the possibilities of money like crypto assets

It doesn’t cost anything to participate in Yamgo Boost, so what are you waiting for? Level Up, Earn your prestige and start getting free rewards. 


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Introducing Yamgo. The best way to earn money-like crypto-assets for free

Over 40,000 people have joined Yamgo during the beta period and are earning crypto rewards everyday


Introducing Yamgo, a rewards platform that allows you to earn “money-like crypto assets” in exchange for your online actions. Built on Hedera Hashgraph, Yamgo rewards you with the Hedera HBAR crypto asset for completing small actions such as creating an account, watching videos, playing games, downloading apps, referring friends and more. 


The easy way to get crypto for free

Why do something for free when you can get paid for it? From playing games to downloading apps, filling out questionnaires or watching videos, Yamgo believes that you should be paid for your digital actions. 


How Does Yamgo work?

Yamgo is simple to use and completely free. Just visit, complete the sign-up process and you’ll start earning rewards immediately. It’s that easy! Yamgo even rewards you with some Hbar just for signing up!

You can earn rewards by completing offers, by downloading and playing games on your smartphone, downloading apps, referring friends, watching videos and adverts and more. Simplay head to the earn tab in your Yamgo dashboard and browse the offers. Best of all there’s no minimum rewards threshold, all of your rewards are paid into your account as soon as you earn them. You are free to spend, save and earn rewards as you please.


Free daily HBAR rewards with Yamgo Boost

The Yamgo Boost program allows you to claim a free random reward every day based on the amount of HBAR in your account and the amount of prestige you’ve earned. The more you use Yamgo, the more prestige and HBAR you’ll earn and ultimately the bigger your daily rewards from Yamgo Boost will be.


But wait, there’s more!

You can complete various tasks to unlock achievements and earn Yamgo points. The more Yamgo points the higher your prestige rank (from Bronze to Diamond). The higher your prestige the more you’ll earn from features like Yamgo Boost.

On top of that Yamgo offers functions to store contacts, transfer HBAR, make HBAR purchases and more.


The Yamgo vision for the future of cryptocurrency

Mass adoption of cryptocurrency

Yamgo offers the first step for many people across the globe to create a wallet and earn free cryptocurrency from their digital actions. Users can then manage these rewards in a wallet they own and control. Yamgo has a goal to help people earn value and access financial services anywhere they are and at extremely low costs.


Yamgo allows you to be appropriately rewarded for your time, data, and attention in your online actions. Yamgo has a vision to redistribute the money spent in advertising and marketing away from unnecessary middle-men or ad fraud and give it to the people who deserve it – people like you.


Join the Revolution

Join thousands of users who are already earning free money-like crypto assets on the ultimate rewards platform. Yamgo is the fastest, easiest and safest way to start earning cryptocurrency assets with no fuss. 

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